Quem Somos

Dr. Aranhatma Ozi
Our History


In 1980, firm was founded by Dr. Aranhatma Ozi. The experience of its founder has passed down through generations (father to children and grandchildren). His contribution still influences the work of our professionals today. We are focused on the continuous creation of opportunities for our customers by anticipating and meeting their needs with efficiency and strategic vision. 

Today, after many years, we continue to be located in Edificio Italia, in the downtown area of São Paulo City, where some of the country's leading law firms are located. This location allows us to be close to the main forums in the Capital of São Paulo. Our facilities were designed to provide speed and efficiency for our team. We utilize the most advanced technology that creates a productive, organized, and successful practice.


Dr. Aranhatma Ozi, the founder of our law firm, went to law school and business administration school. In addition to his great legal and administrative knowledge, he was constantly evolving professionally and intellectually.

Discussing the accomplishments of my father, is easy. The difficult part is trying to synthesize in few words, his actions, teachings, work ethic and the whole form of integration he has developed with balance between family, friends, and coworkers. He was positive, dynamic, extroverted, bold and exciting. He had great intellectual ability, and was a true example of what an entrepreneur is.

My father was a very athletic man who practiced many different sports. Among these sports were judo and aikido, in which he obtained a black belt for both of these martial arts. This, along with his own principles, helped enable him to follow the Bushido principles; which held honor above all else. He supported and believed in the people around him. Constantly offering them opportunities which enabled loyalty, fidelity and friendship within his team and his family.

He passed away on January 16, 1991, an irreparable loss. He was only 50 years old, but he knew how to live. He took advantage of the moments of his life with wisdom, frankness and, above all, naturalness in his actions. He is and was worthy of admiration and a great example to follow. He will not be forgotten.

I am very proud and thankful to have had, Dr. Aranhatma Ozi, as my father!

Maurício Ozi