Areas of Practice

We have lawyers and professionals with training in business administration and accounting. Specially trained with different work methodologies in order to work in areas such as: tax law, criminal (tax, financial, social security, environmental and consumer law), corporate law, administrative law, labor law, civil law, customs law, and commercial and economic-financial law.


In addition to acting in the legal process for individuals and corporations, in which we have a specialized team of lawyers, we provide pro-active services to the following: clients, consultants, drafting contracts, managing agreements, attending meetings, and providing comprehensive legal and business advice aimed at supporting and further developing successful business practices.



We do a full analysis and elaboration of contracts in the most diversified business areas. By acting in the corporate structure of companies we aim to find legal ways, through changes in the clauses, that validate a broader and better adaptation in the activities performed by the clients. We also do consultations for corporate changes, splits, mergers and acquisitions.

Labor Law


Acting in labor law, we cover various advisory services, such as: human resources guidelines on admission and dismissal procedures, analysis and preparation of labor contracts (collective or individual), advice for prevention and reduction of labor liabilities, mediation and conciliation, agreements with trade unions, and administrative defenses. We are fully involved in the legal action of labor judiciary. We specialized in initial review of business practices and legal defense before the courts in Brazil. 

Tax Law


We provide consulting and advisory services with the intent of creating an understanding of the tax administration to our clients by guiding the legal plan for their review and benefit. We analyze each company based on constitutional authority; aiming at the possibility of implementing systems that allow the reduction of the tax burden. We will enter litigation to ensure your administrative and judicial defense against inequitable taxation levies. 

Civil and Environmental Law


The use of effective, structured actions and defenses dominate our firm's methodology in seeking to achieve and even surpass our client's goals. Our firm extensively utilizes precise and objective resolutions, always adhering to our client's demands and objectives.

Consequently, we have the capability to provide our expertise in any of the areas mentioned above, including administrative and/or judicial proceedings. We present the necessary defenses to the appropriate venues holding hearings and litigation.